Dragon Tiger Gate

Dragon Tiger Gate is a martial arts academy established by two powerful martial artists. The academy aims to train and equip students with martial arts in order to uphold justice and combat the threat of the triad gangs in a seemingly lawless world. The academy is also a haven for children who had been orphaned as a result of triad activities.

The story begins with the two sons, who were born to different mothers, of Wong, one of the founders of the academy. The elder son is named Dragon (Donnie Yen) and the younger one is named Tiger (Nicholas Tse). When the boys were still young, Dragon's mother left the academy and gave Dragon half of a jade amulet pendant and told him that his half-brother Tiger has the other half of the pendant. When Dragon's mother was killed in a fire, Dragon was taken into the care of triad boss named Ma Qwun and he grew up to become Ma's bodyguard. Ma Qwun's gang is a subject of the evil Luocha Gate.


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