AeonFlux: The Future Is Flux in hindi

AeonFlux: The Future Is Flux in Hindi
In a post-apocalyptic future, after a virus has wiped out ninety-nine percent of the Earth's population in the year 2011, survivors inhabit Bregna, a walled city-state, which is ruled by a congress of scientists. Æon Flux is an assassin-member of the 'Monicans', an underground rebel organization who communicate telepathically through use of pills and are led by The Handler. After a mission in destroying a surveillance station, Æon comes home to find her sister Una killed, supposedly mistaken for a Monican. When Æon is sent on a mission to kill the government's leader, Trevor Goodchild (Marton Csokas), she discovers that she is unwittingly playing a part in a secret coup.
This discovery brings into question the origin and destiny of everyone in Bregna; and in particular, Æon's personal connection to the man she has been sent to assassinate. Ultimately she learns that she is a clone of Goodchild's late wife Katherine, and that he is in fact trying to save humanity by secretly creating a cure for the infertility caused by the antidote for the disease which killed ninety-nine percent of the Earth's population. It turns out that all newborn children in Bregna are clones created with recycled DNA, with the dead constantly being reborn into new individuals and still bearing parts of the memories of their ancestors. One of Trevor's experiments is successful but Oren Goodchild (Jonny Lee Miller), Trevor's brother, destroys the research in an attempt to stay in power and live forever in the form of clones of himself.


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