When Harry Tries To Marry

Source : DVD


Released : 2011
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Starcast : Rahul Rai, Stefanie Estes and Freishia Bomanbehram
Desc :
When Harry Tries to Marry is a cross-cultural romantic comedy about a young Indian-born bachelor who lives in New York City. Harry’s handsome and charming, but he’s cynical about love. He’s never really gotten over his parents’ divorce — they were a modern Indian couple who married for love and it didn’t last. So to improve his odds of living “happily ever after,” Harry decides to have an arranged marriage, and asks his uncle back home in India to assist him in arranging the introduction to an appropriate Indian woman. To the dismay of his parents and friends, Harry finds the perfect girl and embarks on a long-distance courtship. But unexpectedly, Harry’s friendship with Theresa, a fun and sexy American student, becomes confusing, appealing — and maybe a little bit romantic. Once Harry, his friends and the entire wedding party converge in India, Harry’s plan to avoid romantic risk becomes a recipe for chaos. Can anyone protect themselves from a broken heart by leaving the passion out of marriage? And, when all is said and done, does Harry really want to?
Duration : 92 min
Size : 111 mb
Views : 43476

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