Henrys Crime

Source : DVD


Released : 2011
Genre : Crime | Drama
Starcast : Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga and James Caan
Desc :
Working the night shift as a toll collector on a lonely stretch of highway in Buffalo, New York, Henry is a man seemingly without ambition, dreams or purpose; a man sleepwalking his way through life. He gets his wakeup call early one morning when he becomes an unwitting participant in an ill-conceived bank heist. Rather than give up the names of the real culprits, Henry takes the fall and goes to jail. There, he meets the irrepressible Max, a con man who’s grown far too comfortable with the familiarity and security of his ‘idyllic’ life behind bars, but one who also helps plant an idea in Henry’s mind which will change his life forever: for a man to find his purpose, he must first have a dream. Upon his release one year later, Henry finds his purpose. Having done the time, he decides he may as well do the crime.
Duration : 103 mins
Size : 123 mb
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