Alone with Her (2006)

The film starts with Doug (Colin Hanks) seeking out his next prey. He becomes obsessed with a woman named Amy (Ana Claudia Talancón), and sneaks numerous spy cameras in her apartment. By doing this, he's able to learn details of her life, and what he learns about things like her musical and film tastes he uses to seduce her.
He meets her at a coffee shop a few times and strikes up conversations with her. The two become friends, but it seems as though Amy isn't interested in continuing the relationship further.
When he visits her apartment, Amy's roommate is suspicious of him, especially when she asks him about a section of Seattle -- where he says he's from -- that doesn't even exist. She becomes so suspect of Doug that she begins asking around about him.
Doug, sensing that the truth about him might be uncovered, murders the roommate, and then comforts Amy as she's grieving. The two begin getting romantic one night and are about to have sex, but Doug can't get an erection. By the time he says he's able to perform, Amy tells him she can't because she doesn't want to wind up hurting his feelings.
Amy then discovers that Doug installed a spy camera in her bedroom when he makes a remark about her masturbating. After a struggle, Doug eventually kills Amy. The film ends with Doug seeking out his next prey

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