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Here is a request from one of our readers on MY TWITTER, it’s the first season of “Alias”. I haven’t watched this show before, but judging the fact that the show ran for 5 years, it should be popular among the viewers. All 22 episodes in this PACK are from group VF, the first half are iNTERNAL release, coz group DiME released them first. Anyway, have fun.

Seven years before season 1, Sydney Bristow was an undergraduate student of English literature when she was approached with a job offer by someone claiming to work for SD-6, which was supposedly part of the Central Intelligence Agency. She accepted the offer, and quickly became a field agent. In the pilot, she tells her fiancé Danny that she is a spy. As a result of revealing SD-6’s existence to an outsider, her fiancé is murdered by SD-6……

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XviD 23.976fps 608×336 | MP3 VBR | 700MB + 350MB x 22

EP01 EP02 EP03 EP04 EP05 EP06 EP07 EP08 EP09 EP10 EP11 EP12
EP13 EP14 EP15 EP16 EP17 EP18 EP19 EP20 EP21 EP22

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