True Lies {DVDRip} [SmartMovie]

Harry Tasker is a sales Representative for a computer company, with a wife, Helen, and a daughter, Dana, with a house in the suburbs in Washington D.C. Or so everybody thinks. Harry is actually an agent of a private organization that hunts down any threats to the United States. While he is investigating a possible threat on the U.S., his wife Helen becomes lonely and starts to hang around another man, a used car salesman named Simon, so Harry secretly uses his organization's equipment to monitor on his wife and her new friend. Harry must also worry about the threat on the U.S. Meanwhile, a middle eastern terrorist named Salim Abu Aziz, has formed is own terrorist network he calls "Crimson Jihad" and they are threatening to Nuke the U.S. if they do not get what they want. So, Harry must stop the terrorists and hopefully, save his own personal life.



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Ernesto said...
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Anonymous said...

True Lie 1994
Damn good movie. Its totally fun and entertaining to watch. I loved the action part in it. A must watch.

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