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I have a new TV PACK release from group TOPAZ for you tonight. Since this show is big, I’m gonna do it this way. I will post the latest season first, then I will go back to the previous seasons later. What is this? It’s ABC’s “Lost”. So far only 9 episodes were released, I will update the post when the rest are out. Can’t wait for the last season to air next year :)

Sorry for the late update, now everything is here, NFOPACK and SUBPACK and all 17 episodes

Season five follows two time lines. The first takes place on the island where the remaining survivors erratically jump forward and backward through time until they are finally stranded with the Dharma Initiative in 1977. The second continues the original timeline which takes place both off the island and following the Oceanic Six’s return to the island on Ajira Airways Flight 316 in 2007……


XviD 23.98fps 640×352 | MP3 VBR | 350MB x 17

EP01 EP02 EP03 EP04 EP05 EP06 EP07 EP08 EP09 EP10
EP11 EP12 EP13 EP14 EP15 EP16 EP17

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